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"The Missing" is finally out!

2010-11-01 02:25:02 by avengerofsok

You can listen to it here, or go to TeHLoY's page and listen to his version!

I'm happy to announce...

2010-10-25 21:23:46 by avengerofsok

Newgrounds music artist TeHLoY and myself will be collaborating in the production of one or more songs this month! There are not details as of yet but hopefully it/they will be ready for upload sometime next month ^-^ TeHLoY's page

Dear Newgrounds,

2010-09-20 21:37:20 by avengerofsok

I have left this account dormant for some time. Without ever having posted anything. I have now many years experience in various instruments and mixers, so I plan to upload some music and possibly a little flash sometime soon.